MTCA visits Singapore

On Friday, 23 December 2011, Malaysia-Turkey Cultural Association visited MUIS, Islamic Religious  Council of Singapore. Ustaz Kamaruzaman Afandi and Ridhwan Bin Mohd Basor warmly welcomed MTCA staff. Ustaz Kamaruzzaman called this first meeting as “Bidayet-ul Hidayet” which means “Inception of Hidayah” !

Prof. Dr. Adem Kilicman and the other volunteers (of MTCA) made a brief presentation describing some subjects explained in The Risale-i Nur Collection, regarding “Belief, Prayer, Hereafter, Destiny, Messengership of Muhammad (PBUH), Qur`an-i Karim” etc. In summary, they pointed that the greatest reality in the universe is “Belief” (Iman) and it must be strengthened by “Words”.

Ustaz Kamaruzaman expressed that he was influenced by the presentation and different questions which had been answered in Risales. (Click here to download the presentation)

An English collection of Risale-i Nur has been given to MUIS as a gift to support Singaporean Muslims in their “Duty of Islamic Service” (Tablig).

On Saturday, Dar-ul Arqam- Convert to Islam Center, Singapore has been visited by MTCA. Mr Omar Ma kindly hosted the meeting.

Mr Omar denoted that he appreciated for the visit and introducing new Risales. He also highlighted that Risale-i Nur might be translated in Thai and Taiwanese languages in the near future by his friends living in Thailand and Taiwan. (Admin Note: It depends on our effort and Pray)

A Risale-i Nur collection (in English) will be sent to Convert to Islam Centre soon inshaAllah .

May Allah support all these foundations` services, Amin !

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