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Winter Universiade Erzurum 2011 News

Here is a short information note about our activities of Winter Universiade Erzurum 2011.

We had invitation cards in English and Russian named “All Free”.  These cards were about national sweets, Turkish tea and surprising gifts.

We opened an “official information desk” at the central point of Erzurum. We covered the desk with the official poster. We put books, brochures and cardpostals in front of the desk. Moreover, we put a tea samovar! We played national music. So that, museum visitors were realizing us and they were coming to our desk.

Our service was starting at the Erzurum airport. We were meeting them and  we were giving them some books.

There were officially charged brothers in the olimpiade village. They were meeting the players and then they were giving them our contact informations. All the hotels that media personnels stayed were determined. We gave hotel stuff a lot of pockets consisting of books, brochures and invitation cards.

We gave restaurants, historical places and cafes books and brochures.

There were English and Russian speaking brothers at the our “culture center” located in the square of Erzurum. These brothers were all over the Turkey. We were giving the visitors Turkish delight, tea and sweets. We were talking to them, taking their mail addresses and phone numbers.

We were giving them books in their own languages. We were talking about intellectual matters. They said: “ We changed our opinions about Turkey, Islam  and muslims. We like them very much now. But that was not so in the past.”

Our activities that we made in front of the “culture house” were exciting. We even made a huge snow man! Brothers were talking to the visitors. Photos were being taken, teas were being drunk.

Everybody heard our activities in Erzurum city. The officials said that “they were satisfied with our efforts“. We tried to inform people about Islam, Risale-i Nur and Said Nursi. Three people accepted Islam religion as a result of these efforts. Their names are Dima and Igor.

Many Thanks To Allah (God).
Best Wishes,
Risale-i Nur Students from Erzurum


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