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Essalamu Aleykum Dear Brothers, 

My name is Jose ( It means Joseph ). I am from Colombia. I accepted Islam religion 4 years ago.  

It is a little difficult to be a Muslim in Colombia and if you are a Muslim, you are always a strange man. But they show respect us, they ask us some questions about Islam. We reply them but we are not  good enough . We must learn better Islam and belief. 

I met some friends who lived in Bogota last year. One of them invited me to Turkey. I managed to earn enough money in order to go to Turkey by the help Of Allah. Then I went to Turkey. One of my Turkish friends met me and we went his house. There was Risale-i Nur lesson at his home . This was my first acquaintance. My friend translated the parts of lesson into English that I could not understand. He talked about Bediuzzaman and Risale-i Nur. Then I bought some  books of Risale-i Nur. I stayed in Istanbul for 6 months. Then I came back to Colombia.  

We have been making Risale-i Nur lessons here in Colombia for a few months. Moreover, we opened a internet page in Spanish language. We intend to tell South American people Islam, the prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him ), Risale-i Nur and Bediuzzaman. Now There is a light seed in Bogota, capital of Colombia. Please pray for us. 

Jose Luis Linero

Bogota / Colombia

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