They Made A Present Of Risale Nur To The Buddhist Leader In Sri Lanka

We visited Sri Lanka as a group of four people during September 4-12 , as a result of the decision made by Turkish Nur Community’s Foreign Affairs Council. This council had decided that Amasya Province would be responsible for Sri Lanka services.

Sri Lanka is told in Risale-i Nur in some places. Our visit went on eight days. We are very happy as we share our Sri Lanka memories here in this website.

Sri Lanka’s official name is Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic. It is in the Southern Asia, 31 kilometers away from Southern India. Sri Lanka is an Island located in Indian Ocean. It has a population of 21 million people. It’s other names are Sarandib and Saylan.

It’s population’s 69.1% are buddhist, 7.6% are Muslim, 7.1% are Hindu, 6.2% are Christian, 10% are unknown. Saylan language is 74%, Tamil language is 18%, other languages are 8%. Most people speak English in Sri Lanka.

It is believed that Prophet Adam has first reached here when he was dismissed from the Paradise. There is a footprint which is believed belongs to Prophet Adam. The Muslims, Christians and Jews believe that this footprint belongs to Prophet Adam while the buddhists believe it belongs to Buddha. It takes five hours by walking to reach the footprint.

We arrived in capital Colombo after a four-hours long flight of Istanbul-Abu Dabi and four-hours long flight of Abu Dabi-Colombo. Mr. Asim Alavi, a citizen of Sri Lanka, welcomed us in Colombo. Mr. Asim Alavi has translated three books of Risale-i Nur into Tamil language. These three books are Short Words, Damascus Sermon and Sincerity & Brotherhood. His translations have been going on.

We have gone to Mavanella City after Colombo. Aısha Siddika Islamic Girl School was the first place which we visited.  We saw a written article on the wall of the school; “ Mother looks like an institution. That you educate a mother well means you educate the society well.”

We talked to the manager of the school. We gave him some books of Risale-i Nur. The School is giving the students  İslamic Sciences. Besides this, home affairs, garden affairs, cookery, English and some other lessons are also being taught. The school has completely an Islamic athmosphere suh as İslamic woman clothing.

The Muslim society in Sri Lanka has an extremely free social atmosphere even though they are in minority. They have their own schools, even courts. They have no problem with buddhists. The muslims are very active in Sri Lanka’s social life.

We have gone to the centre of Sri Lanka’s most prevalent  Islamic Community in Mavanella City named ‘ Islamic Community’ in the evening. We had a meeting . Bediuzzaman’s political ideas were very fantastic to them. Then we talked about Risale-i Nur and risale-i nur community in English. There were about 100 people at the meeting.

 We came back to Capital Colombo in the second day. We visited a technological institute named  “ Insight Institute”. We talked to the managers of the institute first. Then we talked to the students of the institute about risale-i nur during three hours. We gave them books, brochures and  turkish delight ( To have turkish delight when someone goes abroad is very useful !).

Then we went to the center of Islamic Community. We told them the method of Risale-i Nur’s  positive activation.

Then we visited Sardovaya Foundation which is  Buddhists’ greatest NGO. Sardovaya means to wake everybody. It has one million members and one hundred thousand young volunteers. They aim to teach Buddhism philosophy to everybody. They are active in 18 000 villages of total 38 000 villages. They open libraries and education centers in villages.

Mr. Ariyaratne is the Chairman of the Sardovaya Foundation. He has dedicated his life to Buddhism since 1958. Their basic philosophy says ‘ Humanbeing has to change himself first. Then he has to help his society.’  Their philosophies are similar to Islamic rules and Nur Community’s principles.  As we know, Risale-i Nur says:” To say that people’s hunger is not a problem if I am full and work so that I will eat are the sources of bad morals.” When we said these words to him, he shook hands with Mr. Arif and said that he agreed with us. Then he said that he was opposed to interest.

We gave him some books of Risale-i Nur.

Mr. Ariyaratne  and Sardovaya Foundation’s members’ works are good examples for today’s muslims. Even though they do not have a way as good as ours, they are doing best!

Then we visited  Sri Lanka’s Chairman of Religious Affairs. We talked about Risale-i Nur services and goals. He said that he was very happy as we visited  him and he would do his best for the friendship of Muslims.

Then we went to Bervala City. Bervala is the first place in Sri Lanka where Muslim pioneers came. There is a nice Kadiri dervish lodge at the Ocean coast. There is a tomb of a muslim who came in the years of 900’s. Mr. Asim’s father is the leader of this Kadiri dervish lodge. He is a very nice person. We talked about Risale-i Nur and connection between Bediuzzaman and Abdulkadir Gaylani.

We visited dean of Nazimiya University in Bervala City. He is author of a book which tells Sri Lanka Islam History. He said that he read Arabic Risale-i Nur. Then he said that he would co-operate with us.

We visited Colombo University and gave some books of Risale-i Nur to its library.

We visited Justice Minister Mr. Rauff Hakeem. We told him that we came from Turkey, Risale-i Nur, Bediuzzaman and nur service. There was a buddhist Minister at the meeting. He said that he would help us about everything. A Sri Lanka television channel has shown the meeting.

A person has desired to talk to us in the last evening. We told him Risale-i Nur, Bediuzzaman and service. He did not want to give us his identity firstly. But then we learned that he was leader of Justice Party of Maldiv Islands.He told us that he knew Bediuzzaman, read some parts of Risale-i Nur while he was in Malaysia,  Turkey would look like Ottoman Empire, he desired us to bring service to Maldive Islands.

We searched flats to rent for nur madrassah. We desire to open a madrassah in Sri Lanka as soon as possible.

There are three Sri Lanka students who study university  in Turkey. They live in nur madrassah. We hope the number will rise in the future.

The muslims in Sri Lanka are very hospitable. We visited about twenty places at the area of approximately 500 kilometers square.We gave people risale-i nur in Arabic and English.

To sum up, Sri Lanka is extremely suitable for nur service. We hope there will be many good activities in the future.

Best Wishes,

Amasya Province Nur Service Team.

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  1. Aqmal Ahsan dedi ki:

    Hamdulillah. it was an exciting experience to recieve you people when i was in Sri Lanka. İ also remember myself being presented in the program you conducted in Mawanella.

    May Allah bless the Nur Movement and every Muslims who undertake the duty of Da’wa. Amin. All the best.

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