Arakan Muslims At Risale Center Of America

Br. Shaukhat Ali gave an informative speech about the plight of the Rohingya Muslims in Burma. Below are excerpts from his speech. Today in Burma, the Arakan Muslims, especially the Rohingya people, are the worst victims of a pre-planned controlled genocide, ethnic cleansing and massive human rights. These violations are from the hands of the Burmese government security forces and law enforcing agencies with the active collaboration and cooperation of extremist, racist and xenophobic Rakhine Buddhist.

amerikada-risle-i-nur-hizmetleriThey are led by the Buddhist Rakhine National political forces, Rakhine academicians and intellectuals,Buddhist monks, and members of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP). Currently, Burma has a population of over 60 million of which nearly 8 million are Muslims. Of the Muslim population about 3.5 million (both at home and abroad) are Muslim Rohingyas. In Burma, Buddhists are the majority people and Muslims are the second largest community. Government forces have shut down almost all mosques in northern Arakan while prohibiting the five daily congregational prayers. Even during the last holy month of Ramadan the clampdown intensified and on the Annual Eid Festival Days-2012 the Muslims had to remain inside their homes without congregating for Eid Prayer. Uncountable copies of the Holy Quran, Hadith books and other religious books have been burnt or destroyed while many mosques and religious schools with libraries were devastated.The destruction still continues. 10,000 Rohingyas were killed and thousands of people disappeared that were presumably killed. Unkown numbers of Muslim girls and women have been raped by the Burmese security forces. President Their Sein said there is no place for the Rohingyas in Burma. Rohingyas have no domestic or national protection. Rohingyas are the indigenous people of Arakan and bonafide citizens of Burma who were living in their native land since8th century A.D.

Yet, there is a very systematic organized, concerted and criminal design by the Burmese Buddhist authorities, which can appropriately be termed as ethnic cleansing, genocide and socio-cultural degradation of the Rohingya. If the process of gross violations of human rights against the Rohingya are allowed to continue there won’t be a single Rohingya left in the next fifty years. Since 1999, the USA has designated Burma as a ‘Country of Particular Concern’…It is high time that the world body take appropriate measures so that the basic human rights of the Rohingya people are protected and guaranteed under UN supervision. I would like to fervently appeal to all brothers and sisters to provide their moral support to the cause of the suffering Muslim Rohingyas of Burma and to advocate their rightful citizenship status in Burma by all available peaceful means. We do hope that you all will do the best level within your capacity for those suffering humanity.

Haber: Risâle Tâlim

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