A Sincere Interview about Risale-i Nur and Sudan

We met Sudanese Assistant Professor Mr. Tarık Muhammed Nour at  private Sema Hospital in Istanbul. He is an Assistant Professor of the Hartoum Islamic Researches Faculty. Meanwhile, Mr. Tarık Muhammed Nour is the assistant  rector of Hartoum University. They have come to Turkey in order to take medical care because of his son’s traffic accident. Medical Doctor Mr. Ali Seyhan attended our conversation, too.

 – Dear Assistant Professor, how did you first meet Risale-i Nur ?

Right, at the end of 1990’s. I found Ihsan Kasim’s Arabic Risale Nur translations in Sudan and started to read. Then, I met to Professor Faris Kaya from Istanbul Science & Culture Foundation at an International Bediuzzaman Congress. I learned many things from him about Risale-i Nur and Bediuzzaman. In the coming years, I went to Istanbul  for academic searches. I learned Turkish. I read Risale-i Nur in Turkish language.

 – Are the Risale Nur and Bediuzzaman known in Sudan?

Sure. Sudan State Council declared Risale Nur as a reference book in 1968. This means that Sudan State, especially Religious Affairs Chairmanship officially uses Risale Nur as a reference guide. In these days, many Sudanese Professors  use Risale Nur as a reference guide in their books. Risale Nur is well-known especially in beliefe topics. Ordinary people in Sudan know these books by attending the risale nur lessons in nur medrassahs( medrassah means  house where people study risale nur lessons).

 – What about current Sudan-Turkey relationships?

Although it is not as We desire, it has become better during the last decade. Students who travel for university education achieved  it . On the other hand, Ruba Foundation, Istanbul Science & Culture Foundation, Hayrat Foundation and many other NGOs spent much efforts about bilateral relations.Besides this, Sudan Government is very sensitive about Turkey and Risale Nur. Assistant President and Technology Minister of Sudan have recently sponsored an international Risale Nur congress held in Sudan.

– Thank you very much for the interview.


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