“Seeds Of Change” Kitabı Çıktı!

NurNet.Org sitemizde yazarlık da yapan Mohammed Asım Alavi’nin “Seeds of Change Thrilling Leadership Lessons from the Life of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi” kitabı çıktı!

To write a book on the life of Imam Bediüzzaman Said Nursi was what came to mind in the summer of 2010, during my visit to Barla – the launching pad of his struggle to defend the Qur’an. For the following couple of months, I was deciding on the aspects of Imam Bediüzzaman’s life I should focus on.

seeds of change expandliFinally, I came to the conclusion to focus on certain specific leadership qualities of his. Allah Almighty endowed Imam Bediüzzaman with charismatic leadership qualities as essential prerequisites for the divine mission he was to carry forward. I have selected five such qualities, which in my view, are of paramount importance for Islamic activists. Leaders are both born and made. Therefore, a person with inherent abilities can become a leader, provided he gets the right environment and training.

This book is addressed to the passionate Muslim youth in the streets. They are its targeted audience. Through this humble book of mine, I would disappoint academicians and researchers as this is not reference material type; neither is it suitable reading material for Nurcus (the Risale-i Nur students) as they would have access to plenty of materials to read on the great Imam; nor a chronological biography of an Islamic reformer.

I have tried to use simple language, moving away from florid and metaphoric usage.If the book can be presented in a storytelling style which appeals to the street youth regardless of gender, it can certainly draw his or her attention toward further reading on Imam Bediüzzaman and lead him or her to discover the moderately balanced methodology for Da’wah.

Reading Imam Bediüzzaman’s life would show energetic youth alternative ways in achieving their desired goals in both personal and social lives. His life is exemplary for youths who are inclined toward radical approaches in their endeavour for societal changes. It would teach them how to overcome difficult challenges using wisdom and beautiful preaching, without resorting to violence.


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